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12 squares – Linocut mark making

Linocut mark making samples on drying line

Printing out Linocut samples

In preparation for our first linocut course we’ve been busy in the studio getting everything ready !

We have made some sample linocut plates each divided into 12 squares as a format to encourage the exploration of mark making in lino. We have prepared a couple of these ourselves and printed them out as examples.

To join us on an upcoming Linocut course see available dates.


2 thoughts on “12 squares – Linocut mark making

  1. Fantastic weekend. Three of us on the course, two from London who stayed overnight and one who attended for the day. We came with different backgrounds and competencies and we all got so much from the workshop. Hugh & Lisa planned the day so well in their beautiful studio and we all ended up with prints to be proud of. The food was lovely too!! Looking forward to the next workshop and if I lived closer, I would definitely be a regular at the midweek evening sessions. Louise (Harrow)

    1. So glad you enjoyed the day, we really enjoyed it too. Look forward to seeing you at another event soon!

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