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Tessa Newcomb at paper-works*

Tessa Newcomb at paper-works*

Paper-works* are delighted to welcome Tessa Newcomb as a member of paper-works*. Tessa has been painting in her cottage in Suffolk for thirty five years, with many successful exhibitions of her paintings to her credit:  “Working on your own is not easy. I think that I have proved that  I can do it, supporting myself and my children along the way. Now I like the chance of working in other studios and with other people “.
An established and successful painter in oils Tessa sees the value of exploring and learning new skills ” “Printing offers me another strand to my work ” she volunteers,  “Its been good for me, Hugh and Lisa offered just the right  instructions and support in the airy studio, lunch and cats a bonus”.

Tessa came along on an “Introduction to Drypoint Day Course” and has been inspired to work directly on the drypoint card plates working from carefully observed preparatory pencil sketches. She has joined as a member and is now collaborating on a project with us. We hope to share the results of this with you here and in the online gallery very soon.

Work by Tessa Newcomb can be seen online at:
Crane Kalman GalleryClark Art LtdThompsons GalleriesAinscough Contemporary Art, Cork Brick Gallery

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