“trot” (unframed)


Limited edition Tessa Newcomb drypoint study of dachshund trotting.

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Tessa Newcomb drypoint study of dachshund trotting. One of a set of four prints produced as limited editions of 20 prints in association with paper-works*. Black ink on Fabriano Accademia 200gm paper. Signed and editioned by the artist. Untitled but referred to as “trot”.

Tessa Newcomb came to us wanting to produce an edition of a set of prints. After a day in the studio experimenting with drypoint techniques, she decided on using drypoint card as her preferred media and went away clutching a stack of materials. Tessa returned on one of our members days, with twenty or so plates. A busy day ensued assisted by us to produce proofs of all of the prints.

After much discussion four prints were selected as the basis of the editions and it was decided to go with limiting each edition to twenty.

The chosen images required some care with wiping during the inking up process as residual tone on the plate was a desired feature for parts of the image. 

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Fabriano Accademia

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